Kevin-John often refers to himself as still being that "little kid in the back of the classroom with the crayons". He found his creativity and love for drawing in those boxes of beautifully colored sticks of wax when he was a young boy of four years old. 


Now, as a successful professional artist for more than 30 years, he is always striving to inspire the creativity in young people. KJ often carries these boxes of KJ Crayons with him while out in public and gives them to random children that he meets along the way. 


KJ comments "If that small gesture sparks a child's creativity, or even ignites the practice of giving in them, I will consider it to be an effort worth doing. In a world that constantly tries to force people to follow the rules and color within the lines, I say, let them color everywhere! Let them learn to be their own individual, unique person and discover how fun and rewarding it is to color outside the lines! In a way, it can teach them to truly love themselves for who they are."


We wanted to make these crayons available to anyone who wants to pass along these packs to children in their circle.


Each pack comes signed by the artist himself along with his trademark directive to "Always Dream Big". 


With passion, hard work and creativity, anything is possible. 

KJ's Crayons for Kids


    Melbourne Beach, FL


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